Lip Guards For Braces

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  • Universal design : Our Lip Protectors are designed to fit the greatest number of people. Each protector is standard size, the upper protector is 10cm long, the lower protector is 9.5cm.
  • Comfortable to Wear : The Lip Guard snaps securely onto your braces, providing relief to minimize pain and irritation caused by sharp braces and rough wires.
  • Elegant : The transparent look is perfect and suitable for all ages. Its transparent color gives aesthetic consistency to your smile. With protection, your smile is enhanced and you can smile with confidence.
  • Reusable : Unlike dental wax which causes damage to the dental appliance and the mouth, our lip protectors for dental appliances are there to offer long-lasting protection, practical and easy to remove to guarantee hygiene.
  • Durable : Made from durable materials, this clip-on protection ensures easy cleaning, promoting impeccable hygiene for both your braces and your teeth.
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Distinguish between upper and lower lip guards.

The upper lip guard is wider than the lower one.


Apply the lip protector to the braces by gently pushing it onto the braces starting at the center of each braces.


If an end does not fit properly or is causing discomfort, you have the option of using scissors to trim it slightly for a custom fit.